Building representatives

Contacting a building representatives

This page lists all the current building representatives for the buildings and townhouses across Royal Wharf. To contact your building representative, click on the red envelope next to the relevant building.

We're still looking for volunteers to act as building representatives for various blocks and streets of townhouses across Royal Wharf. If you're interested in learning more about the role or volunteering, please e-mail us.

Apartment buildings

Banyan Court

Merisha Everiste

Cape House

Alec Bento
Beverley Agbonin

Caravel House

Robyn Feather

Carrick House

Volunteer needed!

Commodore House

Zaid Suleman
Aditi Karina Sharma

Corsair House

Lyden Riley

Cutter House

Jon Tringham
Ayano Sakaida

Echo Court

Volunteer needed!

Ensign Tower

Under construction

Fairwater House

Pradeep Subedi

Ferdinand Magellan Court

Volunteer needed!

Flagship House

Nicholas Nie
Roman Rock

Flotilla House

Sam Calverley
Jeremy Hipkins
Jenny Hipkins

Frigate House

Volunteer needed!

George Everest House

Volunteer needed!

Henry Hudson Court

Volunteer needed!

John Cabot House

Under construction

Kelson House

Tony Bradford

Laker House

Andrew Els
Alexandra Lee

Liner House

Vaibhav Badhan
Annie Fawcett

Masthead House

Nikhil Gupta

Mercier Court

Volunteer needed!

Pendant Court

Volunteer needed!

Pinnacle House

Under construction

Repton House

Grace Agbeti
Deborah Adejubu

Spinnaker House

Volunteer needed!

Summerston House

Matt Courtneidge

Thomas Coulter House

Volunteer needed!

William Baffin Court

Volunteer needed!

William Parry House

Adam Mason
Donnita Mason

Windlass House

Volunteer needed!


Admiralty Avenue

Simon Down

Cable Street

Peggy Tam

Nautical Drive

Eva Fong
Robert Wollner

Rope Terrace

Volunteer needed!

Royal Crest Avenue

Peggy Tam

Schooner Road

Kunal Maria

Starboard Way

Pete Thompson