The RA's achievements

We're not ones to gloat, but we think we're done a pretty good job in meeting our aims since we were established back in May 2018.

We often get asked what the benefit is from an RA, and why people should join. The simple answer is that without your support and membership, it's harder for us to bring about positive change - whether improvements to the development, fixing issues, or achieving better value for money for the leaseholders.

For those who've recently joined the development (whether as leaseholders or residents) this page sets out some of our key achievements over the years.


  • Door remediation project started, with approximately £1m of work paid by Oxley.
  • Pushed for complete overhaul of clubhouse management and cleaning, resulting in a new manager being brought in.
  • Started inspection of 2018/19 and 2019/20 accounts.
  • Review of estate/block/townhouse insurance with third party insurance broker to establish fair pricing and pressure Marsh to improve insurance quotes. Identification of building materials in townhouses to try and reduce townhouse insurance.
  • Pushed for better management of costs given 2020/21 overspend.
  • Exchange of letters with Ballymore regarding Riverscape and use of Royal Wharf facilities, including the need for Riverscape to contribute to more facilities at the development as a whole.
  • Obtained agreement from James Watson (Property Director) for him to hold biweekly one to one meetings with residents to provide an opportunity for residents to ask questions on specific issues.
  • Stopped roll out of information screens in lobby areas, and insisted that a trial should be undertaken before the roll-out completed. Screen was broken within 2 weeks and the project cancelled, saving approximately £35,000.
  • Following a sharp rise in electricity costs, pushed BAML to review electricity usage across the development, shifting lights onto movement sensors and reducing the time that lights stayed on when sensors triggered.
  • Restarted high level breakdown of legal action from BAML as part of their security newsletter initiative.
  • Membership drive to work towards recognised status.


  • Pushed for finalisation of 17/18 and 18/19 service charge accounts.
  • Traffic calming measures implemented.
  • Implemented tracking on estate dilapidations and proactive identification of issues.
  • SW Energy retender resulting in lower costs for residents.
  • Pushed for improvements in BAML’s processes for subcontracting work (and inspections after work is complete).
  • Linking up with other Ballymore RA’s and discussions over formalising collaboration.
  • Improvements to lobbies with to deter parcel thefts.
  • Pushed for more regular communication from RW team.
  • Printing facilities in Concierge.
  • Timetable in place for door and gate remediation.
  • Coordination of reporting and closing Airbnbs.
  • Notification of planning application and coordination of responses.
  • Feedback on service charge budget.


  • Successfully petitioned against the 5-year extension of use for the Marketing Suite.
  • Fought for and obtained the removal a £140,000 annual charge from the service charges in relation to the Concierge (with associated £60k+ in business rates).
  • Getting BAML to sign up to the independent Property Ombudsman Scheme for complaint handling.
  • Implementation of a three-strikes policy for antisocial behaviour.
  • Various estate improvements, including the installation of bollards to prevent vehicles accessing footpaths.
  • Obtained agreement from BAML to re-tender the SW Energy contract.
  • Implemented a ‘Helping Hands’ scheme for those self-isolating during Lockdown.
  • Reviewing and providing constructive feedback on the Service Charge Budget.
  • Coordinated a local response to the planning application for the Lorry Park near West Silvertown DLR.
  • Currently working with BAML to refine and improve the ‘gym reopening’.
  • Building out the RA’s website, to include:
    • How to videos;
    • Home owner manuals; and
    • EWS1 Forms.


  • Established and constituted the RA
  • Set up the RA website and e-mail system
  • Grown from 0 to 777 members
  • Successfully petitioned for SW Energy prices to be reduced, and achieved retrospective application of the discount.
  • Worked with BAML to identify 51 short term lets which are in the process of being removed.
  • Worked with BAML to identify the need for traffic calming measures in the development, including the installation of traffic islands outside Sainsburys and the Concierge.
  • Worked with BAML to open the riverside path through to Barrier Park ahead of schedule.
  • Worked with the BAML Clubhouse team to provide resident feedback on the opening and suggestions for further changes, involving regular meetings with the Clubhouse team.
  • Met with the RA’s of Ballymore’s other significant London developments - London City Island, Pan Peninsula, New Providence Wharf and Nine Elms to discuss best practice and avenues to work together.

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