About the Association

The Residents' Association represents over 1250 residents and leaseholders living in the Royal Wharf development. We represent the interests of all members of the Residents Association, to ensure best value for our money, to maintain the development, and to make Royal Wharf the best place to live it can be.

Our Constitution

The aims, objectives, and rules of the Residents' Association are set out in our Constitution which was agreed in our initial Annual General Meetingon 10 May 2018. A copy of our Constitution can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Our Committee

The Committee's role is to ensure the Residents' Association is run properly and is responsive to residents' needs and concerns.

The Committee includes four separate sub-committees which focus on four key areas: Finance, Security & Wellbeing, Maintenance & Works and Landscaping. The members of the Committee and sub-committees meet regularly to advance the interests of the members of the Residents Association.

The Committee is elected on a yearly basis at the Annual General Meeting. At our initial AGM on 10 May 2018 we appointed the key positions within our Committee. These can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Our Building Representatives

In addition to the roles set out above, given the size and scale of the Royal Wharf development, it was decided at our initial AGM to appoint building representatives for each building (or group of townhouses) within the development.

The role of the building representatives is to work with the Resident Association's Committee and sub-committees to identify and resolve issues facing the residents of that building.

You can view the current list of building representatives and learn how to report an issue to them by clicking on the link below.

Our independence

We take our independence very seriously. The Residents' Association receives no funding or other tangible benefits from either the managing agent (BAML), the developer (Ballymore) or the Freeholder (Oxley). We act entirely independently in the best interests of our members, as dictated by our Constitution.

We've also put in place additional safeguards to protect against undue influence or conflicts of interest. Details of these safeguards can be seen in the Committee Charter, by which all members of the Residents' Association's Committee have agreed to be bound.