The Residents' Association represents over 1050 residents and leaseholders living in the Royal Wharf development. We represent the interests of all members of the Residents Association, to ensure best value for our money, to maintain the development, and to make Royal Wharf the best place to live it can be.

Individual voices struggle to be heard, but as a group, with recognition from the managing agents, we can have a stronger united voice.

On this website, you can read our constitution, get in touch with the committee, and find details about reporting issues to the managing agents and the Residents Association. Once you've registered as a member, you'll also gain access to the members area, which includes minutes from our meetings, and other useful documents.

Please join the Residents Association, and help us resolve issues and build our new community.


Helping Hands - Covid-19

Find out how the Royal Wharf Residents Association is helping those struggling with self-isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Helping our Community