The Royal Wharf Residents' Association Committee Charter

The activities of the Royal Wharf Residents Association (the “RWRA”) is governed by the Constitution approved by the members of the RA on 10 May 2018. In addition to the Constitution, this document, The Residents Association Committee Charter (the “Charter”) dictates what members of the RA can expect from members of the RWRA Committee.

All members of the Royal Wharf Residents’ Association Committee (the “Committee”) agree to act in accordance with the Charter.

The Charter is not designed to be exhaustive, and Committee members are encouraged to exercise their own judgment in carrying out their roles.

Members of the Committee agree to:

  1. act in the best interests of the RWRA and its members;
  2. act in a civil and polite manner in all interactions with residents and leaseholders of Royal Wharf, members of the RWRA, BAML, and other members of the Committee;
  3. attend and constructively participate in Committee meetings;
  4. focus efforts on resolving the RWRA’s “Hot Topics” as agreed by the Committee;
  5. collaborate constructively with other Committee members to work towards resolving issues faced by the members of the RWRA;
  6. keep the Chair and Secretary of the RWRA aware of all activities carried out on behalf of the RWRA;
  7. if a member of a subcommittee of the RWRA, to focus efforts on issues within the remit of that subcommittee;
  8. share the views of members with other Committee members in relevant discussions; and
  9. read the minutes of the previous Committee meeting prior to attending the next Committee meeting.

Members of the Committee agree not to:

  1. use a role on the Committee as a platform to advance a personal agenda which does not reflect the agreed position of the RWRA and its members;
  2. email or write to BAML or other third parties on behalf of the RWRA without copying in other members of the Committee, including the Chair and Secretary; and
  3. perform any action in any matter which a reasonable person would deem to be a conflict of interest without first consulting with the Chair.

The Committee agrees that should a majority of its members in any properly constituted Committee Meeting (in accordance with clause 8 of the Constitution), determine that any member of the Committee has breached any of the rules above, that they may take appropriate action which may ultimately include the removal of that member from the Committee.

Adopted unanimously by the Committee on 19 January 2020